The drier than average autumn has boosted sales at Duchy Timber with its range of garden furniture and fencing still selling well despite the winter approaching.

Olly Bennett, manager at Duchy Timber, said: “Our most popular products have been our classic picnic tables and our heavy duty overlap fencing panels. The fact that the weather has been drier and warmer than you would expect for September and October has seen sales remain consistent which has been a great boost for business.

“I think the appeal of our ranges is the fact that they are made with local, sustainably sourced timber from south west England. Our customers are very environmentally-aware and the origin of the wood is an important factor for them. Our products also contain three times as much wood as your average product so they can withstand harsh winter weather, which actually makes the autumn a really good time to buy.”

Duchy Timber sources its timber from within 50 miles of its sawmill in Lostwithiel. Its 1.80 metre classic picnic table is processed and crafted on site. The timber is first milled in the sawmill and then kilned to reduce moisture content and allow a higher quality finish. Only the highest quality boards are then chosen to be treated in its on site pressurised treatment tank. Once dry, the boards are hand-crafted into the picnic tables on site by Duchy Timber’s skilled carpentry team.

Also popular this autumn is Duchy Timber’s 6’ x 6’ heavy duty overlap fencing panels. Again these are made using local timber, which is milled into blocks at the sawmill. The blocks are then ‘multi-ripped’ on its six head Stenner saw into panel battens and slats. Once treated in the pressurised treatment tank and dried, the components are assembled on its automated panel machine, which can make up to 250 panels a day.

All Duchy Timber products are made using three times more timber than average, making them stronger and more durable, yet still less expensive, than DIY superstores.